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I am looking to buy a travel USB hub, the thing is I have read a lot of reports of these things causing interference with logitech RF mouses (which I use).


So I am looking for:

EMI shielded (must)

Gigabit port (optional)

SD card reader (optional)


Does anyone know of a hub that would work for me?



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ive been looking for a blue tooth mouse that works on ANY surface but have not found one, so I use the Logitech anywhere mx with the usb micro dongle and it works perfect on any surface including clothing. My suggestion is look on amazon, there is a good selection with lots of reviews and I have never had a problem returning anything if I needed to. Something to think about that I have personally done, what is it that you need a hub for? usb memory sticks? camera? If you just need to save a file or load up one maybe look into moving more into cloud storage, Im personally trying to reduce the amount of stuff that I have to carry around and potentially lose while being mobile.

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