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From Windows Phone To Android, A Look At A Non Tech Perspective

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An interesting update from my wife. She's been using Android now for about three months. She said serial times lately how much better Windows Phone is. Being a tech guy I already knew this, so it was refreshing to hear someone who isn't recognize it. It's just too damn bad devs didn't and won't support it.


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I agree, if app support was there I would totally ditch android again.

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Found out something even better today.  The keyboard works to respond to SMS even though I am using a Android phone.  The band 2 seems to get better and better.

I think the 6P is phenomenal.  Best Android experience to date and I started back on 2.0.  I talk to Google all the time for scheduling, etc.  It works so very well.  I hate opening the calendar and a

Thanks for the pics guys, that helps a ton. However it seemed one of the pics was from the 90's, who uses evernote anymore.

One interesting thing I've found with my LG V10, is I keep losing apps. They just uninstall for some stinking reason. Very random too, today I went to sign in to my Microsoft account and I noticed my MS authenticator app wasn't on my phone anymore. It's crazy, I think it's an LG thing, my Moto Droid or Galaxy S work phones  never did this.

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