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Surface Pro 4-Touch Screen Not Working-Help!


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In the last couple of days my SP4 touch screen has stopped working. It started out with intermittent stuttering and not working well, now it just doesn't work.


The SP4 itself has not frozen, which I first thought, but with the keyboard attached I can scroll a webpage with 2 fingers on the trackpad, and everything else works as it should, just touching the screen doesn't do anything.


I came very close to getting rid of the SP4 and getting a 12.9 Ipad Pro, a month or so ago, fed up with crashes etc, then things improved after a windows update about a month or so ago, so I kept it. Now after only a few weeks of use, I have this problem, it is beginning to get frustrating.


I appreciate any advice that anyone can give me on fixing the issue. I believe there was a windows update a few days ago, are there any reports of touch screen issues with this update? The only other things I have done recently is changed my micro SD card from a 64gb to a 128gb card, but I don't see it being that, and installed the driver for my Pluggable USB 3 docking station with dual display, the 3900.


I appreciate any help, anyone can give, as I am getting desperate.




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