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One fine day, my Surface pro 3 refuses to come on, a 24 hour charge and still no luck, 2 button shut-down/ 30 seconds power button + 15 second 2 button shutdown + 10 seconds later switch on/ soft reset - volume down + power button/ no luck at all. 


Eventually, having given up hope I tried the option of freezing (Literally put it in the freezer) my surface pro 3 (read it on some forum that it works) and VOILA, it did work. It came on, everything works. However, 2 minutes outside the freezer and it shuts down again. So I reset the surface to factory settings while being in the freezer and everything came to life once again. However:


1. My touch cover stopped working

2. All efforts of reviving it - in vain. Installing updates with the key board attached, resetting with the keyboard attached, two button shut-downs, soft resets, done it all. No luck!

3. However when I try to do a 2 button shut-down, the Surface again enters the "DEAD" zone and only putting it in the freezer revives it and then it works just fine. 

4. So I tried freezing it with the keyboard attached and the keyboard works, for like 5 minutes, everything works fine, but then after that the keyboard stops working again. It also happens if I try and switch off/restart the Surface while the keyboard is working, on starting it again, the keyboard is dead.

5. Now when the keyboard is working, in the Device Manager, the drivers for type cover show up, but they do not exist when the keyboard is not working. 

6. Every time I freeze the Surface for 5-10 minutes, with the keyboard attached, it functions perfectly. The moment it is out for like 10 minutes, it stops working and the Surface sometimes hangs, sometimes it doesn't. Though a power button press for 10 second and starting again makes it alive again. 


I have done numerous factory restores and windows resets and windows 10 from 8.1 and updates - with and without the keyboard attached. I have been at it for almost 7 days and finally I am here.


Anyone? HELP PLEASE! I love my Surface with the type cover, I travel a lot, my work is travelling and this has been the best investment ever other than my camera and lenses. I do not want to carry a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse around, defeats the purpose. Please help! I do not have enough money to buy a new one!




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Is that really it? Cause if I do not put in my type cover, it works fantastic, no problems at all. I suspect some sort of driver issues. If I go to Microsoft website, I get to download all the latest drivers with .sys and .dll, but when I try to copy them in the system 32 folder and replace the existing ones, it just doesn't allow me to, says - "I need permission". The .msi installer package comes back with an error code. So I am perplexed and lost. 

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I would be against putting it in the freezer anymore. The internals will start to corrode due to condensation that will form coming in and out of the freezer. I would suggest going to a Microsoft store and attaching another keyboard, or run some alcohol swab over the keyboard contacts of your Surface. For sure sounds like you have some kind of hardware issue

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