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What seems to be the general opinion on the Microsoft dock?  I am looking for a dock/hub for my surface pro 4.  I have read some less than complementary stuff about the Microsoft product, and it does seem to be short on ports.  Does anyone have a better solution?


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First off, I got my Surface dock yesterday. Having upgraded the dock's firmware, I put it to the test yesterday. I connected two HD TV's, an external hard drive, my smartphone and a DVD drive, using both of the display ports and all the USB ports at the same time. Everything seemed to work well, but I can't speak for sustained use.


Now a logical setup for using the dock would be plugging a mouse and keyboard in the two USB ports at the back while plugging an external hard drive and a smartphone into the front two USB ports. The display ports have two external monitors plugged into them, and the audio jack is used for external speakers {though if one or more of the monitors is a TV, you're better off using the TV's speakers). All of that connects with the magnetic connector. I really don't see anybody needing more connections.


As far a replacement is concerned, the link below is one of many products out there:






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I have the latest and greatest version of the surface dock.  Though I was able to get two monitors working with it at one time, I found it somewhat complex.  I never had an issue with one monitor. To my discredit, I hadn't thought to try and download a firmware update.  I need to see if that might fix the issue I'm having with my second monitor when I swapped it out with another.


As far as the dock is concerned. It's really great for me.  For "me" it's wonderful.  However, for everyone else in my household that might like to enjoy using dual screens and external speakers, keyboard and a mouse, it doesn't help them one bit.  My wife and kids have between then an old HP laptop, 2 Lenovo laptops and a Thinkpad.  My purchasing a Surface dock made it impossible for anyone else to just plugin and used the setup.


In retrospect, I should have picked up a generic USB 3.0 dock and left a power socket open for someone else to plug their laptop in to charge it while using the setup.


Live and learn.

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