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Dell 27" 4K Monitor


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I post this in the accessories section as I just got the new Dell 27" 4k monitor to use with my Surface Book.  I have the Dell UltraWide 34" and plugged it into that one, but don't reccomend that you do that.  The problem is mainly in the scaling between some apps not liking moving from a High Res screen to a HD 1080P class screen.  What you find when using the 4k monitor on the new monitor is that you don't really run into this issue.  I find that it works really well.  It actually sits behind the surface book and when you use the provided monitor stand it can go high enough to clear the back of the screen.  You can then change in Windows to have it make the screen appear to extend by dragging your mouse up to it vs. side by side.  I really like how these two work together and it seems to work with my Surface Dock with no issues at all.  This said, if you are looking for a great monitor for your Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book.  I think this is the one to have.


Few other good points are that it includes a USB 3.0 hub that is build into the monitor and that helps with giving more options.  Also it has the ability to do sound or to have sound relayed out to a set of speakers.  This makes it a good experience for cable management.  It also comes with a mini Display Port to Display Port cable that works great with the Surface Book or the Surface Book Dock.  Lastly, it does also support Display Port chaining.  I highly recommend this monitor.  If you have questions or comments... post them up.

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