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Got A Kangaroo


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So, I just picked up a Kangaroo PC from the Microsoft store.  It was $99 shipped and is the version that comes with Windows 10, 2 GB RAM, and 32 GB of Storage.  I have installed a 64 GB MicroSD card and redirected Apps and everything to the device.  I did the update to 1511 and have it up and running.  I am actually thinking that this might be a good machine to throw in my bag to connect to a TV in the hotel.  I don't plan to put much on it, but just use it like one would a Roku.  In playing back a full HD movie from Plex it seems to have no issue.  I have used it as well to play Grove music and that works great as you would expect.  I am willing to test some different things for people if you want to know if it is capable of different items.  Initial thoughts are that it is an awesome buy for $99.  People who say... why not make a phone out of it should feel how hot it gets though :D


I will tell you it is very small... even smaller than I thought it would be.  No, it isn't hot enough to burn you, but not something I want to hold to my face.  Also, I should say that it has massivly cooled down after doing all the installs from loading.  It under normal load is actually cool to the touch.


Let's get to testing this thing.  I will check back in a few weeks to give my thoughts.

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So I am curious what you think of the Kangaroo PC.  I also bought the original from the MS store using a $60 credit (bought an Xbox One at Christmas time).  So far, I am underwhelmed by the Kangaroo PC.


Issues I have seen.  Resume from standby.  It can take a long time for the thing to wake back up.  Mine is sitting on a desk in my office and connected to a mouse, keyboard and monitor.  When I want to use it I expect it to wake up quickly.  Not take a minute (or longer).


SD card - I may have bought a bad card from Amazon because I had some initial problems redirecting my apps to the 65GB card.  Have you seen any issues?


I can't complain about what I spent on it but I am still working on determining it's purpose in my home (was thinking it could be used by the kids but it needs to be a little more responsive to web queries then what I have seen).

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