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Hello Folks,


The other day I bought a surface 3 at bestbuy, the next day my main machine a msi gt70 windows crashed.  I am not the gamer I was 2 years ago and not a fan of windows 8 or 8.1.  The gt70 must have a hardware compatability issue with windows 10 which I really like and have running fine on my SP2.


So ordered a full version of windows 8.1 and have the driver cd...will fix it and put it up for sale on ebay since it is a good gamer laptop if you like windows 8.1.


The surface 3 is nice, typing on it right now but it isn't up for being my sole machine so i am looking at trading up to a SP4 i5.


I am thinking I should go 8 gigs of ram with 256 gig ssd.  Any thoughts vs i5 4g 128 gb?  Most of the limited gaming I do is mmo style games but I am really just a casual player so I don't see running it at medium settings should be so bad for decent frame rate (not a player vs player type).




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I have a SP3 I5 128 gig storage and 4 gig RAM and I love it. I can't speak to gaming because I don't game but for everyday use (which I do) and I use Gimp, Photomatix, and office visual studio and so on this thing rocks. I just love it. I have a 128 gig micro SD card so I am in no need of storage.

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can programs run off the sd card?

try installing the program on the surface main drive then move the install folder to the micro sd and also replace your shortcut with one pointing to the micro sd . You can also try to install it on the microsd but Ive never tried it...the above suggestion doesn't work with some programs but I have several old programs that I have successfully gotten to work this way

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Oh, figures I should update this.  I did get a SP4, i5 256gb ssd, 8 gigs ram, and I am very happy with it. I added a docking station and a larger monitor for when I am home and it handles 10 browser windows, few open apps and watching netflix or playing WOW and framerate is around 65 on medium settings...


I added a http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019TTJHCO?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00


fits perfect, have a protective tempered glass screen protector on it...I think it might survive a short drop...not testing it lol.  The handstrap on the back is ok...I am either gonna buy or make/juryrig one that will be right in the middle of the backside so it's easier to hold if writing on it or reading.


I am real satisfied with it as my main machine, it is doing everything I need for it to do!

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