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Resetting Surface Uefi Bios Password


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Soooooooo, It appears that I forgot the password that I set in the uefi bios after i set the boot order to ssd only. I can get into windows just fine but unable to boot to usb. So I am on the phone with microsoft answer tech as i type this and the answer tech i am talking to says that by doing a full windows refresh (clean the drive) it will reset/clear the uefi bios password. Does that sound right? I always thought that motherboards uefi bios are stored on the mobo on a small icu/chip? Eitherway on the bright side i did make a complete ssd disk image using acronis a few weeks ago which included I think 3 partitions. So maybe i can just restore one of the other partitions besides the windows partition and i dont have to reset my device and redo all my stuff again.Otherwise Im guessing im SOL. :(


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