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Best Way To Output Av To Tv

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I have a pro 2 and want to use the Surface for control of what I see and hear on TV as an external monitor for the Surface. What is the best wired or wireless options to accomplish this? 

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Ok, so, for a wired connection you can use a mini-display port to HDMI cable. I have used them and they work great. But, of course, that tethers you to your tv. There are several miracast dongles available. Microsoft has two, one is surface branded, the other is more geared toward consumers with it's nfc coaster. I have heard good things about the Netgear one, but I have been burnt by Netgear to many times. Xbox one will even have an app here soon for using it as a miracast device.


It obviously depends on your goals, and use case, but there are several products at several price points available to you. If you are questioning a specific product look for reviews, evaluate the bad reviews, and determine if the complaints of those people are something you could live with. Of course you can always ask even more in-depth questions here, and we will try to help you the best we can.

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