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A Case For Sp3 Designed With Artists In Mind


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Hello!  I have created a tablet case for the Surface Pro 3 which is designed with artists in mind.  I launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to produce it.  It is not just a protective case, but a protective case that brings functionality for those time when you don't want the keyboard, but want easy access to keyboard shortcut.  I've integrated buttons into the case that can be customized to your favorite shortcuts in any program.  Please take a look!  





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    • cakthy
      By cakthy
      I have a Raidmax case that I suspect is messing with my motherboard, and I generally don't care for the large size of it. So I will be selling the case if I can find a new one.
      What I need:
      Something $70 or less (I could go more if needed)
      Black color
      Side window
      Micro ATX size
      Handle/possible to mod for a handle
      I was looking at this one: E-2007 to buy. So what do you think? Any cases that you know of that I could buy?
    • sleepkitty
      By sleepkitty
      Before some many choices of case that I had, I've finally decided to go with the PC-T3-i5-4200U, but the official website does not give too much info about this beautiful case.
      So, if there is out there any PC-T3-i5-4200U owner that is reading this topic, I've a few questions for you friend, and I'll really appreciate any answer that could be provided.
      These are my questions:
      How many space for rad (or fans only) I will have in the space behind the case?
      How much thick my rad in the top can be with fans without touching the fans at the front? (The ones that are perpendicular with the Motherboard).
      How much tall can my Reservoir be with Pump included? I don't wanna drill holes in such a beautiful case.
      As I said, any info provided would be really appreciated!
    • ckqualls
      By ckqualls
      I'm in a choir which is stuck on paper, and we have to use 3 ring binders for uniformity.  I was hoping to find an insert that fits into a standard 3 ring binder that holds a Surface Pro 3. I've scanned the music into OneNote.
    • kristikay
      By kristikay
      I do a lot of off table work on my Surface Pro 2, and I miss the 'fixed' hinge on a laptop that keeps the keyboard and surface at a consistent angle.  Has anyone seen a hardshell case or other type of solution for this?
    • Matt
      By Matt
      So the Surface Pro 3 was just announced, and at first I was so excited I was getting an anxiety attack. Until the whole N-Trig pen thing came to light. All of a sudden my elation turned to utter disappointment. But then I started thinking about my particular situation, and my past experiences with lesser pressure sensitivity, now I'm not so clear on how I feel about it.
      For starters, I primarily work on a Cintiq 24HD, which is amazing. It's currently paired with a MacBook Pro, but that laptop has some issues that the Surface line of products remedies very well. 
      1. A Surface can be docked and undocked quickly and easily if you purchase the docking station. With the Macbook, it's a bit of a pain to have to unplug and re-plug half a dozen cables, every time I want to take it with me.
      2. A Surface can act very much like a digital sketchbook. It's small, light, easy to carry, decent battery life, and of course comes with a pressure sensitive pen. With the Macbook, I need to stuff it in a bag, with a separate Wacom tablet and pen. It's heavy,cumbersome, doesn't give me the pen on screen experience, and frankly, it makes me not want to bother with it; which is what led me to purchase a Galaxy Note 3, because it's easy to carry around (though it lacks in decent art apps outside of Sketchbook Pro)
      3. A Surface can unify some fragmentation in my digital art workflow. If I start a sketch on my Note 3, I'll then need to convert and transfer the file to my main computer for further work on it. I also have to deal with the fact that I can only work on a smaller canvas sizes with my Note 3, which usually means that I later have to scale up the sketch on my first layer before inking over it. There's also the fact that applications on each device are very different. I can't have the same features or custom brushes and settings on both.
      4. All of these say nothing of the simple fact that it's just nice when only having to deal with one operating system, one version of your favorite applications, and one place to keep all your files organized.
      Now, with the exception of the N-Trig decision, the Surface Pro 3 gets everything right, in my opinion. It's screen size and ratio is much better than the Pro 2, which seemed a little small in size and a lot awkward when in portrait. It's a great resolution, with (apparently) a beautiful screen. The stand is a dynamite change, particularly for artists. It's thinner, lighter, and more powerful too.
      Only the N-Trig pen is making me hesitant. However, with that in mind, I do recall a time when I worked with 256 levels of pressure sensitivity. My first graphic tablet was a Wacom Graphire 2. And just a few years ago I had a quick run with an Asus Eee Slate. Both of which I don't ever recall complaining about the levels of pressure sensitivity. It worked just fine for me.
      When I consider that I've worked with 256 levels before with little issue, plus the fact that most of my work will be done when my Surface is docked in my office and connected to my Cintiq, I start to question if the N-Trig thing is really all that bad. For all of the Surface Pro 3's benefits, is the N-Trig Pen really a deal-breaker?
      I'd like to ask anyone reading this what their opinion is. Have you ever used a N-Trig device before? Outside of pressure sensitivity differences, do you find it to be much of a different experience? If you were in my position, would you consider the Surface Pro 3?
      Thanks to everyone reading!
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