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Looking Into Getting Sp4 But First Wanted To Know A Little More


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So I currently use an Intuos drawing pad for 2d sketching and zbrush sculpting. I've seen only a few videos that show off zbrush for the surface lineup and the ones that do heavily rely on art dock to have on-screen hotkeys for things like Ctrl and Alt (which are more than necessary for a quick workflow without relying on a keyboard). 


Then I saw a video showing first impressions of the SP4 with Zbrush that said that art dock was not working properly. 


Before I pull the trigger on such a large purchase I wanted to know if this program will be updated for the SP4/W10 or if owning a bluetooth keypad will be necessary.



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Unfortunately, no one in the art community has managed to get ArtDock working with the Surface Pro 3 and 4, to the best of my knowledge. There are several alternatives, though. Toolbar Creator and RadialMenu work very nicely, but develop on both has stalled. There is also a commercial product ($10 while in beta) called TabletPCMouse that is promising. You can look up my reviews on each of these utilities on the blog.

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