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This Sums Up The State Of Windows Mobile


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This just shows us what dire straights that WP is in. If we are left to parse words this far into a platform then it is on the last legs. Its not going to get the consumer adoption level that would compel Devs to come over.

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This shows the degree to which carriers control the phones consumers get. If and when MS pulls the plug on WP its demise will lay at the feet of the US carriers. That said, carriers better never complain about the control that Apple maintains or the fracturedsegmented world of Android. They had a chance to support a third platform and they chose not to.

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We're getting this here in Australia as well.


The main carrier (Telstra, we have Optus and Vodafone as providers too), who I bought my Lumia 930 under contract, are not bringing out the 950 or 950XL under their plans.


The only WP they are carrying is the 640 and they mentioned that they can't (read: "won't") support or provide updates for the new 9xx series.


When Telstra doesn't even provide an app for WP for their newer services, it's a bit dire.


That being said, Optus carries the 9xx Lumias. Less coverage though across Australia



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Yep, and MS didn't even talk about phone at build. They admit that it's not even a focus for 2016. Here maps has dropped out as well. Sad state of affairs


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