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Surface Book Impressions


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I have now had my Surface Book for about a week.  I figured that I could post my impressions after a week.


First things first... I have been deep in the process of a move.  I bought the SB to try to go to a single machine for work and personal.  I wanted to get the ability to have a single device that could really do it all.  I will get back on the forums and add my updated impressions over time, but wanted to give my initial impressions.


Which SB do I have?  I have the i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, dGPU version.


I took the machine to the Microsoft office and loaded our corporate image.  This means that I am not running the same image that came on the device, however it dropped all the drivers from Windows Update with no issues.  I really had to do this in order to make this machine my primary device.


I really had a difficult decision to buy this vs. the Surface Pro 4.  Did I make the right decision?  So, far I think I did make the right decision.  I have to keep running it and make the first trip with it.  Everyone scared me about saying how heavy the device is, however when I picked it up at first I thought it was lighter than everyone was saying.  My expectations were that it would be a very heavy device, but I would say that it is premium Ultra Book level heft.  It seems to be about as heavy as my Asus Zenbook.


Fan noise is not an issue.  I have run the 3DMark tool against the unit and that kicked off the fans, but that was meant to push it.  I noticed that the GPU was not firing up for the tool, but am working on getting that fixed.  I will post results in comparison to my Alienware Alpha and my Razer Blade as a comparison.


Overall, I would say that the challenge with SB is that it does do everything and you will have to see if that is what you want.  I told numerous people that it is great, but be prepared that you will ask why you need another computer.  If you like having separate computers like one for work and one for personal, then you might have the issue of why you need this.


I have had some minor issues with the mouse disappearing, but nothing that really required a reboot.  I have a Jabra Go 6470 and it won't recognize the unit unless I plug it into another USB hub, however the SB will see the device if I plug the Jabra into a hub connected to either dock or the keyboard base.  To be fair this seemed to be a problem with USB 3.0 ports on the SP3.


So, should you buy it?  I think it is a good investment if you want a laptop, but if you want a tablet you should go Pro 4.  I really think you need to understand what you really want.  You can get the non-gpu and I think you will be fine for most users.  If you really want a single device that does it all really well, then go for the GPU version.


I will update you as I go to really break it down.  In the end... Any of the new Surfaces are great decisions.

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That is a Fallout 4 running machine right there!  I went with the entry level version.  Core i5, no dGPU, 8Gb of RAM. A 128Gb drive. As for the tablet question, I really enjoy popping the clipboard off for a few hours on the couch.  Especially if "Dancing with the Stars," or "The Voice" is on.  I never have to look up at the TV! I even use the pen! It's a great tablet and a powerful laptop.

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I've had my current Microsoft Surface Book  i7/16GB/512GB since Nov 30.  

After the latest driver updates I have no problems to report.

I can find nothing wrong cosmetically.


Main software I run:

Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation

Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop CC

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015


Bottom line...

I've had dozens of computers since my first IBM PC in 1982.

This is the best, most fun to use computer I've ever owned!

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