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Surface Pro 4 Line Jitters Preliminary Test


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If you are interested, here's what trying to draw a straight line, slow & fast, with a ruler on the new Surface Pro 4 look like. I've posted the 600dpi image so you can zoom in to see... btw, this is drawn with Mischief.



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    • Guest
      By Guest
      In this video podcast I take a look at the ioSafe Solo External Drive.  I've seen several reviews of this drive so I wanted to do something different.  It's fireproof so I am going to burn it!

      From ioSafe
      The rugged desktop ioSafe Solo external hard drive brings disaster protection to a price range that everyone can afford. With capacities from 500GB to 1.5TB, the ioSafe Solo can safely protect precious family photo albums, music libraries and days of video memories. For business, the ioSafe Solo is a great way to protect customer databases or to secure regulated information including patient records (HIPAA, Sox, etc) or credit card information. Businesses use the Solo hard drive as a backup and storage device, no longer worrying about data loss from moving computer tapes and files offsite. Like other ioSafe products, the ioSafe Solo uses ioSafe patented technology including FloSafe air flow cooling, HydroSafe waterproof barriers and the DataCast fireproof insulation.

      This video is also available on

    • JoshuaSmith416
      By JoshuaSmith416
      Ok, so I returned a brand new faulty surface pro 4 in exchange for a new surface pro 4. The problem is I don't know if it is actually new. It came in a sealed box just like the brand new one did and everything. The difference is I did a battery usage test on this surface pro( I didn't on the other one because I didn't know how at the time) and I got some peculiar results. the results are in the link.
      As you can see the surface recorded battery drains way before I ever used it, is this just normal battery drain from the initial charge they gave it? Or is this a sign that this isn't a new device and was previously used by another user?
    • phillyphotogmagee
      By phillyphotogmagee
      Ok, I have a feeling that this is a larger Windows 10 issue, but I am experiencing this with the Surface Pro 4, the ideal test hardware for anything 
      Microsoft, right?
      Here is what we are trying to accomplish:
      Encyrypt our Surface Pro 4's (win 10 Pro) using Hardware-Based Encryption
      A) Because it is faster for the SSD to perform the encryption rather than the process, since the SSD is already encrypted
      Better battery life (because the processor is not encrypting the volume)
      C) Performing software encryption on an already encrypted volume defeats many of the internal optimizations that SSDs have built in (leading to 
      slower performance)
      We have taken stock Surface Pro 4s, straight from the box.  No applications or updates have been installed, we have not added to a domain.  The only 
      modification we have made is to the Local Group Policy:
      Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Bitlocker Drive Encryption/Operating System Drives
      *Require additional authentication at startup (Enabled, default options)
      *Enable use of BitLocker Aauthentication requireing preboot keyboard input on slates (Enabled, default options)
      -Configure use of hardware-based encryption for operating system drives (Enabled, default options)
      What's Wrong:
      When I go to enable Bitlocker, I am being provided the prompt to encrypt Used Only, or Whole Drive.  From all of the literature I have read, this 
      prompt indicates Software Encryption.  When I select Full Drive, it takes a while (over 10 minutes) to encrypt. Again, from my reading, Hardware 
      Encryption should be immediate (as everything is already encrypted).
      What am I missing?  Is there an issue with Hardware Encryption that I have not been able to identify on the Surface Pro 4?  Is this an OS issue? Are 
      there any other troubleshooting steps that I can take a look at?  Again, these are stock units, fresh out of the box from Microsoft.
      Sources (these are just some, all have been verified using additional sources that repeat the information):
      Slower Performance- Hardware Accelerated BitLocker Encryption: Microsoft Windows 8 eDrive Investigated with Crucial M500
      Steps to enable encryption- How to Enable BitLocker Hardware Encryption with SSDs
      Technet on Why to Hardware Encrypt - Encrypted Hard Drive
      GP Settings to Enable Hardware Encryption - Enabling Hardware Acceleration of BitLocker
    • SurfaceProArtist
      By SurfaceProArtist
      I was worried I would have to retract this review when I started reading all the glowing praise for the iPad Pro Pencil. Fortunately my conclusion still stands. The m3 SP4 is the only iPad Pro you'll ever need.
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