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Sp3 And New Surface Pro Type Cover With Fingerprint Id


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Picked up the new Type Cover with Fingerprint ID and It's a perfect upgrade for SP3 owners looking to pass on a SP4 or SB. It's a great upgrade over the previous Type Cover. The new key spacing and individual key action is a huge difference in typing, and the new trackpad is legit. It feels very responsive and the larger size is extremely usable. You're probably more likely to have your thumbs accidently initiate the touch pad, but so far I've been able to type out this post without an accidental click.


The Fingerprint ID was easy to setup with a quick search for fingerprint setup. Easy to setup and it just works. I still get alittle giddy when I just login by touching my index finger to the reader. It's very slick. It should work with other users if you share your device with other's. But I have poor sand box skills so I don't usually share my toys :P


I had a black Surface Pen in my hands but Best Buy couldn't sell it to me at checkout since the street date is 10/30. So annoying! But if you want the black Pen just wait until Friday and it will be available. Stores already have them in stock they just can't sell them until 10/30. Seems like a really well thought out marketing plan...

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I managed to win an i7 SP3 256GB at this year's MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) Summit held at Microsoft in North Ryde, Sydney. I currently own an i5 SP3 and was thinking of selling both to get a SP4.

​But you know what? I'll just side-grade with the new type cover and Surface pen (I use Drawboard PDF a lot!) instead :)

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