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I've been having some wierd hardware failures on my Surface Pro 3

1. Type Cover no longer works. None of the keys respond nor does the touch pad. I reversed the cover (so the keys were touching the back of the surface) and I think that's when this started. I tried another Type Cover and that didn't work either.

2. External display no longer works while docked in Surface dock.

3. The CAPS LOCK on the virtual keyboard with stay on sometimes. So I need to hit the shift key every time I want to type a lower case letter. This seems to be random and isolated to IE.

4. Plugged in a pair of headphones and the audio driver failed and I could get sound restored. Only way to fix was to refresh Windows 10. Super random and bizarre. But only happened once so far.

5. Screen rotation no longer works. I can set the screen orientation to portrait in the display settings and lock the rotation, but upon logging back in after sleep it reverts back to landscape.


I've reinstalled Windows 10 a few times as an upgrade from the factory installed windows 8. I've also done a couple of refreshes without keeping personal files and settings.


This all just happened suddenly without me installing any new software or any other hardware incidents (dropping, water damage, etc.). I do have Windows Update set to auto, but if it was a bad update the previous attempts at the Windows 10 reinstall and refresh should have proved that out.


So any ideas?


I bought this SP3 at release so I think I'm just past the 1 year warranty.


It seems like a mix of hardware and OS level failures but maybe its mostly hardware?

Has there been any announcements for trading up a SP3 to an SP4?


Any ideas and help would be appreciated.



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have you tried going back to win 8 and running some tests? Ive reversed my keyboard several times and left it attached to the surface pro with no issues. My guess is win 10 has a setting messed up.

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Unfortunately I don't think so. I think I bought in June of 2014.

Yes tried the type cover in windows 8 after a full factory reset. No luck.

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What are other people's experience with the Microsoft store tech support? Is it worth bringing my SP3 in for a look? Any ideas on their pricing for service of its not under warranty?

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What are other people's experience with the Microsoft store tech support? Is it worth bringing my SP3 in for a look? Any ideas on their pricing for service of its not under warranty?


Absolutely take it in. I remember having keyboard issues with my Windows RT coincidentally about 3 months after the surface 2 keyboards were released. Several keys had stopped functioning. I took my Surface RT and keyboard to the MS store. They looked at it and swapped it out with a Surface 2 keyboard for no charge (they were out of the original keyboard.) For me it was awesome as I gained a better keyboard with backlighting. It was like a free upgrade.


If your keyboard is busted and you don't get a free replacement for your surface pro 3 keyboard. Wait until after October 26th and purchase a Surface Pro 4 keyboard. It's backwards compatible with the Surface Pro 3 and it's reviews are impressive. Dave mentioned it on the last  surface geeks podcast concerning the October 6th event.

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So with the Surface on and logged in hold down the Volume Up AND Power button at the same time until the device turns off. This will do a complete shut down and clear the memory (I assume). Wait a few minutes and power back on.


Type Cover and screen rotation now works again. I think the external monitor connected to my docking station will now work as well. Will test the dock tomorrow. What a pain in the butt. Glad it's all working again!!

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      Something to look at later … or wait for my turn.
      So far the usual annoyances such as changes to windows positioning in Explorer and Edge but nothing substantial.
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      Couple of nice, if small, things I’ve noticed already:
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