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With Christmas right around the corner, I am starting the think about what "I" want. I pretty much have my ideas for the wife and kids covered (in thought that is, WAY to soon to actually by anything), but I am still debating what I want. In addition to computers, photography is my other hobby and there is an endless supply of things I can blow my money on there, but for this post I am going to limit the choices to non-photography related items, at east directly.


The list in my head is changing on almost a daily basis, but as of today, here are my thoughts (in no particular order, and I am only going to get one of them, not all 3):


  • Norco 4020 case
  • 16gig of ram for another Xenserver build
  • 24" monitor that can pivot (ie portriat mode)


Yea, I know nothing exciting. But things like Kinect are family gifts and we are covered as far as phones and similar devices go. Plus, I got the 4020 case a couple of years ago for my WHS build and love it. Now I want to move the Unraid server to a bigger case and out of the Antec 900 case (which is a great PC case). The ram would be nice as I am loving having the Xenserver I built from a re-purposed HTPC, but it only has 8gig of ram and that just isn't enough. The last item is related to photography, but not entirely. I currently have a 20" LCD and a 19" CRT attached to my computer. Would love to get rid of the CRT and get a bigger monitor. Also, the pivot function would be a big help when working in Photoshop.


Anyway, that's today's list. I am sure it will change tomorrow, especially after I hear what is on other people's list.

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