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Need Help With Low Storage Space Error


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Hi there,

My 10 y.o. grand-daughter has a surface computer which she "thinks" is a surface Pro.


She loves to play the Sims game, but is unable to add extensions or whatevers becuase she keeps getting the error message that there is not enough space.

Her Mum bought her a 1TB external HD. I would like to know if it is possible to "point" her game useage to the external HD.

(We don't want her to have to uninstall and reinstall the Sims game to the external HD, as she would then lose all her bits and pieces on it apparently.)

And in any case, I am not sure if those big games will even play from an external.


Sorry if the question is confusing, but I really want to help her.


Thanks in advance for any help,


Pam R

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As far as I can tell, there is no Windows Store version of the Sims. That would lead me to believe that the system must be one of the pro devices. In order to get the game to run from the external drive, you will most likely have to uninstall, and reinstall. In my experience (not with Sims) the saved games are typically in a separate directory, and I would again assume the same for any add-ons in the game. If they are in a separate directory, you should have no issues uninstalling and reinstalling to the external drive.

I would also try running a disk clean up and an optimization on the main drive to see if you can free some space up with out moving her game.


You could also move the recovery partition to a thumb drive and free up some space that way.

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for reference you can run certain games by moving the install folder to a different drive if you initially installed on the main os drive( you have to recreate the shortcut of course). There is no guarantee that all games will work but I have links 2003, silent hunter 3,4 , battlefield 2, gt legends running this way.

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