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Add-in Update- Remote Alert 1.3.5


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Wow this is nice! If you hit the 'IP Connections' tab and right-click an entry, you can do an IP lookup. Good find.

John, did you leave all the features enabled? MITM and Brute-force?

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I used this addin in the past and locally, when I wanted to login to the server from my browser, it wouldn't let me. I think this was for tighter security not to allow an admin account log in. Because of this , I found it to be to restrictive and that it might start blocking other stuff. So I passed on using it. Until someone can convice me otherwise.

Maybe one of you guys can write a review using Live Writer on what you like and dislike and I'll post it on the blog and of course give you credit.

John (homeservershow).

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