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Install Windows 8.1 On Surface Pro 3 That Came With Windows 10?


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Hi guys, I'm new on the forum and was wondering if you could advise on this Surface question.


I have a Surface Pro 3 that came with Windows 10, but I'd like Windows 8.1 on it.


Will the Windows 10 license that came with the Surface Pro 3 allow to install Windows 8.1?


Is there an option that doesnt require purchasing Windows 8.1 since I already paid for Windows 10?


Any ideas would be great. Thanks.



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I don't have a separate copy of Windows 8.1 unfortunately.


Surface support seems to say that you can use a Recovery Image from a Windows 8.1 Surface on your preinstalled Windows 10 Surface, and the Windows 8.1 that loads at the end should work.


No keying in of product keys involved. Does this sound right?

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Thats what they advised via chat. Apparently the Windows license in a Surface Pro 3 is good for both Windows 10 or Windows 8.1


The issue is that to download a Windows 8.1 Recovery Image you need to enter a serial number of a SP3 that came preinstalled with Windows 8.1 into this page:




Unfortunately my SP3 came with Windows 10 so my serial number will only let me download a Windows 10 Recovery Image which is no help.


The images are generic but the download access is controlled by serial number. Do you guys know where to get a Windows 8.1 Surface Pro 3 English Recovery Image?

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