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Best 8" For On Art Programs


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I was wondering which 8" stylus driven tablet is the best for doing things on the go.  IS there a good one?  I use Photoshop CC & Manga Studio/Clip Paint Studio Pro 5 for a lot of stuff and I'd thought about getting an 8" tablet instead of a 10 or 12 that would be more easily carried and pulled out to sketch in a hurry.  

What is the best non-surface 10 or 12" that works with the same software?  



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I'm not a fan of the 8-inch form factor for graphics. The interfaces are just too crowded to be useful at that small screen size.


The best 10-inch device I own is the Toshiba Encore 2 Write. It's relatively low end, but it has a Wacom Active ES pen, so it's excellent for sketching.

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