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Surface Pro Data Wipe


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Hi chaps,


I recently upgraded to a surface pro 3 and wanted to secure wipe the tablet before selling it, hopefully with 10 installed.


When I did the reset and chose to securely wipe and reset it reverted back to 8 after about 10 mins... firstly... was expecting the secure wipe to take forever... secondly why did it revert to windows 8? Also as I accepted the upgrade to be 10 is there anyway I could do a fresh install from scratch? Would it still pick up the key in the bios?


And is there a way to do a secure wipe from windows 8? And as I'm selling it do you reckon I should put 10 on it or just leave 8?


Ta peeps

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I would just leave it on 8, I remove all files and reinstall windows...ALSO you may want to go into your account settings in the windows store on another pc and REMOVE your surface device that you are selling from your account...little did I know that I had 2 previous laptops still listed in my account that I had sold with all the apps I had downloaded on them...I also change all my Microsoft passwords to be safe

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