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Surface Rt Unable To Display Web Page


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My surface RT has been acting very strange lately, I have been able to access my online banking without any problems, but as from the 24th July this has proved to be a bit of a nightmare, when at home using my wifi  my surface cannot display the secure log on web page and keeps asking to check the address.  now I know this sounds like it is an internet explorer problem!!! 

not so, because if I use my mobile phone in the house to connect to the online banking, I access immediately.  I can access on my surface when at work and using their wifi intranet.


I have spoken with Microsoft who cannot find a problem wit the web page. I have spoken with the bank and there is no problem with their webpage address. I  have spoken to my internet provider and there is no problem with the internet. (which I know to be correct as I can access it on my  mobile at home) 


I don't have any other problems with any other web sites. just this one site. 


I was advised to download CU Browsers HD, even this didn't work, still cannot open the web page.


this has to be a problem with the tablet!!!  how can I solve this.


I have also reset to factory settings and no joy....

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Is that the same as resetting to factory settings? I have done this but it still wont load the page.  it is so frustrating the only web page that wont display, and no faults found with supplier, web address or internet.


how do I reinstall the tablet?

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There are a couple of ways:


Settings->PC Settings->Update and recovery->Recovery


Refresh you PC without affecting your files. You won't lose any pictures or videos or other personal files.


Remove everything and reinstall Windows. Basically, you're starting over from scratch. However, if you store everything on oneDrive, everything is already backed up and you will have access to it again once you reinstall and use the same email account to log into the tablet.

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