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Free Windows 8.1 Pro Code (Not An Upgrade) Before It Becomes A Pumpkin At Midnight


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Based on the discussion here, http://www.surfacegeeks.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1926-windows-81-pro-upgrade-question/--it looks like my Windows 8.1 Pro code is something I can't redeem. It evidently can't be used as an upgrade from 8.x Home, which is how I had hoped to use it (I have two Windows 8.1 computers, neither of which have Pro installed).


Since I fear with the immanent release of Windows 10, my install code is about to become a pumpkin at midnight, I will give it for free to anyone who can use it--first come, first serve in a direct message.


I won't be home until probably around 9 PM, but at that time, I'll take a photo of the code and email it to you. 


The code requires that you download 8.1 Pro and then apply it. 

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