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128Gb Universal Micro Sd Hc Flash Memory Card With Class 10 Free Adapter $11.99 + $5 S&h


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So, that link you gave for laalo seems to be unbranded cards.

Below is an EBay link I found that is the same, and is actually $5 cheaper b/c no shipping/handling.  Same thing, unbranded, brands range greately.  I think I'll get one just for shits and giggles.



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Did you receive your microSD cards guys?  What were your findings?


I bought two from the eBay seller.  I first attempted to reformat them to support efficient use in a Windows 8.1 tablet.  I then tested their storage capacity with a utility to verify advertised 128GB capacity.  I don't recall all the details at this point, but the bottom line is that neither of them successfully completed both of those activities.  I've sent them back to the eBay seller for refund due to "defect".


I believe it's very likely that these are not true 128GB cards, but rather "fake" devices with much lower capacity that have been configured to report as higher capacity.


It's likely that I messed up in my testing, but I'm chalking this up to the "if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't" adage.

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