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Lapability Mod For Surface Pro 3


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I made this on mothers day, and don't think I posted it here. Listening to Surface Geeks last week reminded me due to more people complaining about lapability. This is just version 1 and is very bulky, but... just a something.


The surface just slides in to grooves when you want to use it and can be easily removed when you are done.


I used Torsion hinges which have resistance and stay where you open them too. up to 180 degrees. You are able to carry it around safely when open and it stays in place, too! I have test carried it around like a laptop, by the "keyboard" area.


I still need to Mod it a bit, and most likely make a version 2.


Big issues & things missing:

1.) No access to side ports. This is not an issue right now because she does not use anything other than the power.

2.) Some vents are covered.

3.) Adds a lot of weight.

4.) If opened more than 89 degrees from the close position, it starts to teeter totter due to being top heavy.


Here is a drop box link with pictures I took:


Here is a quick video I posted to Youtube:

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Oops, this one should work. I first posted from work where YouTube is blocked. Guess my manual typing of address was goofed.


It is just a simple video. I should do one where it shows whole process of putting it in, carrying it, etc. I figured I would just do that later though, when I make the Lighter Version 2 :D

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I think this would be a winner if made out of a lighter material that also wouldnt block ports, wood looks nice though

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