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Surface 3 Performance


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I've loaded some software on to my Surface 3 to measure it's performance.


My full Passmark score was 537.2


CPU Passmark  1485


2D Graphics Passmark 156.5


3D Graphics Passmark -- failed so I didn't get a score


Memory Passmark -- 636


Disk Passmark -- 610





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Um, so that's good?  Or bad?  I like my S3, and it seems to handle whatever I can throw at it... so, good?  Bad?

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Um, so that's good?  Or bad?  I like my S3, and it seems to handle whatever I can throw at it... so, good?  Bad?

for normal tasks, it will get the job done. Probably not going to do much video editing on it though, todays mobile processors take care of the majority of needs for the average person... whereas 10 years ago everyone had desktops to accomplish most of the same things.
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i just got a Surface 3 (64G).  The RAM usage is always between 40-70%, sometimes spiking over 70%.  Is this normal?

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Check your Task Manager to see what is using your RAM.  With 4GB of RAM I'm at 59% utilization right now....  the biggest chunk taken by IE then MAIL then SKYPE -- having lots of tab open really chews up RAM

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