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Pen Goes On The Fritz


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I just got the Surface Pro 3 a couple weeks ago. I have an issue that comes and goes.


What happens is that if I draw a small line, it looks like a dot and a dash rather than a complete line. If I draw multiple lines in a row, they all look like that. When I try to fill in the area where the line randomly dropped out, it is impossible. So basically the screen is suddenly peppered with small areas that cannot be drawn on or won't register the pen. In some occasions drawing a small line will result in a curve instead of a line. Writing a word for example would look like a series of random curves, dots, and dashes.


It seems like this mostly happens on the bottom third of the screen, and when the issue occurs it resolves itself after a few minutes.


I've had the issue in every drawing program I use: Onenote, Photoshop, and Clipstudio. I only have a handful of apps on my surface.


Could this possible be a hardware issue? Maybe I should return it while I still can!

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    • jzucker
      By jzucker
      Got an I5 8GB, 256SSD surface pro 4 today. Very happy to report that it can handle a 4000x6000 image with 10 layers with no issues. However, I discovered that the pen does not transmit angle data to photoshop's brush engine. This is a rudimentary feature of the Wacom intuos tablet that allows for natural brush rendering. With the wamcom, the brush engine interprets the angle of the pen just like it would a real brush so for example as you press down harder and at an angle, the brush's bristles compress out and leave a very natural trail just as if you did this with a real brush. Or with a pencil tool, angling the pen allows you to shade an image as if you were drawing with the side of a pencil tip.
      You can control the brush angle manually but it's extremely cumbersome to do compared to just angling the brush and it's akin to trying to draw using the mouse. So basically, the pen in the surface pro 4 acts like a mouse that can sense pressure. Without the angle characteristics that even the inexpensive drawing tablets support, i'm not sure the features of the surface pro 4 are enough to warrant using it over a laptop with a tablet. 
      Does anyone know if the capability to transmit angle data exists in the pen and will it ever be supported? Because if not, I'll probably just go back to using my notebook computer and the wacom tablet.
    • reiaya
      By reiaya
      Everyday, I want to love my new surface pro 2, and everyday I have q new problem that makes me cry of why I didn't bought an apple macbook air. Like I never had brand new problems everyday.
      first the artdock, I cant managed to make it run check the posts of it that i already posted.
      So now is freaking mozilla firefox. everything was ok, just suddenly my touch stop working. I can type with the keyboard on screen but whenever I tried to click back or something my touch is not detected, So i need to use the freaking stylus for all! even the scroll that is a pain seems iy waw faster with my finger and now I need to calculated the bar to put on my cursor and scroll!
      aaaaahhhh! and again nothing on the web about this error or i dont know how to google it.
      it started yesterday at night, after i was trying to install the horrid artdock...so im not sure if thst program, hotkey did something to spoil my firefox. Even yesterday my touch didn't work in my task bar, just the stencil. (and not, i never managed to have the artdock shortcuts in screen so i couldnt have disable my touch)
    • Jorgeverdugo
      By Jorgeverdugo
      do you think is possible to use other N-trig pens on the surface I like the sony vaio pens http://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-Sony-Vaio-VGP-STD1-Digitizer-Stylus-Pen-/161398675073?pt=US_Graphics_Tablets_Boards_Pens&hash=item25941c5681
      I like to have another pen for emergency and I dont like two much the secondary buttons of the surface pen  and sony is really good creating hardware
    • artgenius89
      By artgenius89
      Hello All! I have been having a small problem when using photoshop. When I am drawing with my hand rested on the screen, sometimes the cursor jumps towards the bottom of the screen. I find this a little odd because this doesnt happen in One Note. I dont remember this happening and being a problem several weeks ago but it happen quite often now. 
      Is anyone else having this problem? 
      Im not sure if its a problem with the tablet or photoshop. I still have a few days to return it and swap it for a new one at the MS Store. 
    • JCT
      By JCT
      Hi, This is my first post at this forum and nice to meet you guys:)
      1st, I have problem when drawing with stylus using palm rejection and connected to power adapter. Funcationality-wise, it is possible to draw, but there are always some drawing that does not get recognized. 
      Another problem comes with the Reader's inability to draw highlight notes at the correct locations with some of the files. 
      Lastly, there is no way to zoom in Chrome with OEM trackpad only. 
      Thanks for you guys' replies. 
      PSedit: I returned the previous sp3 and asked representatives and the problem persists. 
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