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Facebook App Notifications Open In Chrome, Not In App Itself - Want To Change This.


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I have a new Surface 3, 4gb Version, and am also new to Windows 8.1. Was using the Facebook App, and clicked on a notification that showed up at the top right in the app. It gave me a choice of how to open it, and I accidentally chose the wrong option. So now when I tap on a notification, it takes me to Chrome, rather than opening it up within the FB app itself.

I went to Control Panel...Default Programs... but can't identify the specific file type or protocol that controls this function. I assume it's somewhere there, as I can't find any FB setting that seems to address this.

I went to the same section in Settings for App Defaults, but again couldn't determine which one controlled this behavior.

I uninstalled/reinstalled the Facebook App, rebooted inbetween, but no change in behavior.

Anybody know how I can change this default, and have FB notifications open up in the FB app, rather than in Chrome?

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