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I Want Windows 10 To Never Install Anything From Outside Of The Store


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in my extended family I'm the one they talk to when they have a problem on their PCs , most of the problems caused by trying to install a program and downloading something else (sometimes malicious) or downloading the right program but getting malware/adware installed with it (that slow-down the device or fill the browser with adds and pop-ups) . these issue are common among normal windows users and all of them caused by the lack of a trusted download source for all programs .

now Microsoft want to solve the last part by making the Windows Store a place for win32 programs , and I really like that , now when I setup a device for a family member I want Microsoft to give me the option to choose to never allow the user to install anything from outside the store , this actually will make windows very secure and give me the peace of mind that it will work for any of my family members with no issues (and they can use the store to get any app or program) .

I actually think this should be the default (and being by default locked to the store this will encourage the developers to put there win32 programs on the store ASAP )


I think what I'm asking is for windows to be secure and stable for normal consumers (like Windows RT or iPad IOS) ,and now Microsoft have a chance to make it that safe and stable with Windows 10 store )

and I posted it at windows uservoice (you can vote for it here )

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