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I have a surface rt. When it is plugged in it works great and shows the battery 100% full. When I disconnect the charger it shuts down with a back screen and when trying to turn it back on, not connected to the charger it does nothing. I took it into our computer shop and the guy said it could be the battery or the charging port not working when disconnected. Is there a way to test the battery to see if it is a bad battery and only staying charged when plugged into the charger. I didn't want to buy a new battery and then find out that isn't the problem. Any other suggestions or has anyone had this same issue.

Thank you


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I would go to a Microsoft Store or BestBuy to try your Surface with known good power supply.

Have you tried flipping the power connector over?

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check the Microsoft store for a battery app that shows the charge level, there are a few on there...this is mainly to check against what windows is showing. Also do you normally cycle the battery or just keep the charger plugged in all the time? also check your power plan and make sure you don't have an odd setting for the machine to shut down at a high percentage of battery level. Sounds like a service call to me.

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