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Surface Pro 3 And Toolbar Creator


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I am totally now to the surface pro but thanks to this forum and the SurfaceProartist website I am getting up to speed with it thank you.

I have a few questions to improve my work flow if you wouldnt mind helping me with.


First is about toolbar creator.


This software has vastly increased the speed at which I model inside silo, but it could be faster, I have to remove my stylus away from the screen before I can press any of the buttons on the toolbar.


Is there any settings I have misssed that would allow me to use the buttons while the stylus is still on the screen?


The second question is regarding banding of colours on my SP3, after reading up on it I found a setting in the Reg thats helps reduce it (can not remember what the setting was called) but it

does show up quite bad on some programs. Does anyone know of a way to remove this for good?


Thank you far your help with these question.

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