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2 general SSD questions


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To the 1st question, it's not recommended.


On the 2nd, I don't know if any rule applies. We used to need to leave a certain amount (at least 15%) free on our spinning drives so defrag could do its thing. But since defrag is out, I guess you could fill it up. For me, I'd be offloading files once it got to 85-90% full, but that's just me.

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Do you need to or should you defrag an SSD?


Do you need to or should you leave a certain % of the SSD empty?


Definetly no on #1. It will thrash the writes on your drive and accomplish nothing with no changes in results. As for #2, there are varying beliefs. Typically the SSD's are not subject to file fragmentation or the performance degradation of the whether or not the data is stored on the inner or outer part of the drive, so for the most part it should not be a problem. That being said, it would also depend on whether you are using your SSD for your page file and temp files in which case it would have an effect. For me, when I see get that full I usually take some action as physiologically I do not like to see that.

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