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Will Memory On The Surface 3 Weigh It Down?


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According to this post, which reviews the specs of the Surface 3, the Surface 3 will use a cheaper and slower type of memory for its 64 or 128GB storage than that of the Surface Pros.  The difference would be felt primarily in load times, possibly doubling the load times of some apps.  Or would make manipulating music, photos, movies, etc., slower.

Is this a real concern?

I'm going back to the MS store to see what I can observe with the two models.  I'll report back.  Any other thoughts?

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eMMC is slower than SSD, but it depends on the version of the eMMC.

If it is half the speed of the SSD in the Pro3 it will still be faster than any hard drive in a laptop.

I am sure it will be noticeable slower, but I am sure it will stream and play fine.

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I haven't see a major difference with the read / write speeds that would state the Surface 3 is that much slower. Definitely faster than I expected and blows the RT out of the water there. I have taxed this SP3 4GB 128GB trying to see if it would buckle but honestly with normal tasks I do it does the job and doesn't frustrate. This is probably what Surface should have looked day one. Third times a charm indeed.


Going to be down to the 2 versions, Pro for the users who need power for graphics and / or rendering video / graphics. For the rest Surface will do pretty much everything you look for in a PC but in a very handy tablet form.


Love the fanless design and the heat is nowhere to be found so far.

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