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Can You Store Apps, Etc. On A Microsd On A 640?


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I've heard of the soon to be released Lumia 640 and 640 XL. I'm very interested, especially since my 928 is beginning to act very strangely. I've checked the 640's specs and see it only has 8gb oh storage, which isn't a lot, especially compared to the 928's 32gb. But the 640 does have a microSD slot which I think will take up to 128 GB microSD card. Can that card store music, pictures and most importantly apps?

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I am surprised no one has answered this yet.


Yes you can, one of the advantages of WP in 8.1 and of course 10.


You will need to change (in settings) where apps, downloads, photos and videos live and yes you can move them too from where they currently are.


Definitely handy even from the newer 950/950XL to my 532 which I bough to test out fast-ring Windows 10 Mobile

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