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Question About Worn Down Nibs...


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I know absolutely nothing about digital art or these newfangled Personal Computers, so this is probably a dumb question and it could probably be worded better, but here goes:


The nib on my N-Trig pen has worn down to about half it's original length. I'm waiting for my replacement nibs from Microsoft but I'd love to be able to continue using it in the meantime. The problem is that the nib has worn down to the point where by the time the nib ACTUALLY touches the screen, it's already "touched" the screen. For example, I can can "click" on things with my pen just by hovering closer than I could before the nib was worn down. I can draw pictures or write without my pen actually making contact with the surface of the screen.


Are there any settings I can change or makeshift DIY nibs I could make on the cheap?


Thanks in advance!

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