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Encore Mini With External Monitor


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Crazy Yoda is at it again


Been playing a bit more with the Encore Mini and now have it connected to an external monitor.


Using the OTG cable discussed here I conneced black regular USB ends the the gender changer and then a USB Hub (conveniently done by R2-D2 in this case.  I then have the red port also in the hub to power and charge the Toshiba.

I then plugged in my Logitch K400 keyboard to control the mouse and type as well as my new AOC e1659Fwu 16" USB monitor.  I purchased this to have a second monitor while travelling.  While it only does 1366x768 just that extra little space with documents or apps is beneficial and at 120 very reasonable.


Now we have a functional second monitor and keyboard also connected to the mini as well as external storage and all of it easily fits in the bag to act as a second pc when traveling (i have a more portable usb hub for that that is powered.



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Great minds think alike!

Here is what I was experimenting with while traveling for work last week:



HP Omni 10 with Windows10, Toshiba 15" USB monitor and a RadioShack USB hub. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse from Logitech.

It worked very well. I like having two monitors.

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I'm going to REALLY enjoy checking out the gear you two bring to the Meet-Up!  :)


Great job -- love the pictures!

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