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Viewing Panorama's / 3D Photos On Windows/desktop Computer


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Does anyone know what program can view the the panorama photographs taken using the surface rt?  I have transferred the files but no native windows program (that i tried) could open the files.  Does anyone know the answer to this?



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    • joshpollard
      By joshpollard
      Are there any good apps for editing photos? I plan to do some blogging from my Surface, but I need to be able to crop and resize photos. Sometimes I need to be able to add text to them too. I'm used to using Gimp and Paint.Net, but obviously can't use those on a Surface RT. It seems like most of the apps so far are geared towards effects and filters (like Instagram)
    • StanHD
      By StanHD
      Problem 1:-
      My wife is a photography enthusiast and loves to spend a day filling up memory cards with her Canon Eos 7D. Often we are away from home and have found a need to filter / delete the failed or scrap shots from the good ones or "keepers"
      Our solution:-
      We use an iPad with the camera connection kit. This makes very fast work of importing the pictures in a logical album fomat. She can then utilise the lovely iPad display to view the day's shots and maybe delete a few obvious "scrappers."
      Problem 2:-
      We get home and need to do a final "clean up" just keeping the good stuff, and stuff that can be edited to make good. She then needs to get these onto the WHS v1 for safe keeping, duplication, local and cloud backup.
      Our solution:-
      We use the recently updated FileBrowser app for iPad from Stratospherix. With this you can browse thumb nails or full screen, select which files to transfer and "copy" them to the appropriate share on the WHS which works using the SMB option that we previously defined. Folder duplication, keepvault, and WHS backup solve the keeping safe part of the equation. XBMC shows the media on the HTPC / Samsung 40", WD Tv Live on the Kitchen TV, XBMC Live on the HTPC / bedroom TV, and of course our laptop PCs direct via WHS
      So we have Canon camera, Apple iPad, and Microsoft WHS V1 all playing together really well. A nice bonus with the FileBrowser is the ability to stream video and photos, as well as download to the iPad so we can show the "latest" photos to friends and family etc. when we visit them.
      Works well for us, however, does anyone use other / better methods to "bridge" the different platforms and achieve a similar or better solution?
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