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Surface Pro 3 Heat & Fan Problem Solution


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I recently purchased a surface pro 3 i7 256GB model in US. The moment I started using, I started facing the same issue which many people have reported in the internet.

  1. Excessive fan noise while system is idle
  2. Heating while system is idle


I love my surface and being a software architect, I was sure there is no issue with hardware. It would have been definitely due to defect in Windows which is making CPU hog and causing this beautiful machine trouble. I decided to investigate. In the investigation identified it is the Microsoft Installer Module which is causing the issue. Many reported in forums saying, disable automatic update. I tried this though I never like to disable automatic update. But actually no luck. Still when system was idle same issue.


Then I suspected any scheduled tasks, which could be running when system in idle. While looking at Scheduled Tasks, I identified there is a maintenance task which runs when system is idle.  To confirm this is the one causing issue, I tried to manually start the maintenance, and bingo,  ​The issue could be reproduced.


I disabled automatic maintenance and disabled idle maintenance keeping the automatic update intact.  Post which My Surface Pro 3 is absolutely stable and quite. Battery life is nearly 10 hours with regular work. I even start a virtual machine on my surface pro 3.


Note:  Despite disable, windows tries to start the schedules task. Hence in the regular maintainance task, Triggers set to disable.


Along with this,  set trigger in Idle maintainance task to disable as well. Else windows re enables it.



Post this, My surface pro 3 is cool and stable. Windows team should fix this.


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You break my heart as I've  already purschaed i7, just wait to receive

I made search and foudn these results, if you could try and update us :-(

1.      Launch the Task Manager then look for “Windows Installer Module” and “Windows Installer Module Worker.”
2.      At any time the device overheats during gameplay, video streaming or software updates, go to the Task Manager and use End Task on the two services mentioned above.
Plus this one:
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