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Sincere Advice "urgent"!


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Dear All,


Kindly I need your Sincere advice

I've decided to buy Surface Pro 3 (Highest available Spec.)
but Just I read few warning


So to conclude,

Could you advice me based on your (practical using of Surface Pro 3)..


- Is it applicable to use it for Large Excel files (could reach 300 MB)?
- Is it applicable to use it for several software applications that running based on SQL?

- Do you feel comfortable to use Surface Pro 3 for more than 8 Hours Per day

(Office, home, outside, etc)

- Is Type Cover flexible for typing?

- Is it enough to have only 1 USB?


Looking your Sincere advice

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Based on your questions the surface pro would suffice, is it going to perform as well as a workstation with 16gb of ram and triple monitor setup? No. In my experience anything related to office , light photos hop work , light cs premiere, light cad sql and it works fine. You can get a powered USB hub to help out

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I'd also add that if you plan to do a lot of typing, you may want to get a better keyboard. Pretty much any bluetooth keyboard will provide a better typing experience than the type cover. And the docking station is a nice addition if you need to attach your SP3 to a monitor. It adds 3 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 along with Ethernet.

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Other inquiries please:
1) is it all come with pen

or pen is additional accessory like Type cover

Also is all Surface pro 3 Pen could edit PDF, Office staff or there's special Pen for that purpose


2) is Type cover (TouchPad has 2 buttons to act as Right/ Left click) or they use different technique

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the pen has mouse like functions along with the handwriting ability, I use it in onenote and photoshop and yes it is included with the tablet.

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  • 3 weeks later...



I'm still confused,

based on below snapshot from Microsoft website, there'2 different Pen Types


My Question: could I use the left side Pen (Silver one) that come by default with Surface Pro 3 to Edit PDF, PPT, etc

or I've to buy the Right side (Black one) for that purpose


Highly appreciate your support




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The one on the right is the pen for the original Surface Pro 1 and 2. It is a Wacom tablet pc pen and is not compatible with the Surface Pro 3, which has an N-Trig digitizer.

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The Pro Dock also opens up a lot of the options and also gives you Dual Monitor potential. I just the I5 8GB 256GB version as a daily driver and never looked back.

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