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Text, Markings From Stylus Unstable, Jumping In Pdf Docs


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I've got a problem with using my stylus annotate PDF documents. I got my Surface Pro 2 primarily for the utility of being able to 'write' on/annotate pdf documents. I'm a PhD candidate and I download hundreds of journal articles in pdf form from academic providers. I've noticed that in a significant number of the documents I download, when I try to write at a specific place on the document, such as when I want to underline a particular line or write a note adjacent to specific text, whatever I write "jumps" approximately two lines below the point of where the stylus nib contacted the document. 


This problem makes using the feature extremely difficult. I have to attempt to 'underline' starting a couple of lines above the text I actually want underlined. I can't write in print form at all because each time I write a letter and lift the nib the letter immediately jumps below the point where I write and then I have to estimate where to put the next letter. Usually, what I've written is indecipherable, and if I try to write entirely in running writing with the stylus the result is equally indecipherable. 


I spent several hours in a chat session with a Microsoft support person to no avail. We downloaded a new driver for the stylus but it made no difference.


I tend to think the problem is specific to certain PDF documents - possibly something to do with how some are formatted compared to others. I have nowhere near enough understanding of such matters to be able to go any further without help to resolve this problem. I hope it is resolvable, because the only alternative I have if it's not is to start printing journal articles out and marking them manually, which I hoped to stop doing by getting the Surface, because of the enormous cost and amount of paper used. 


I tried to upload a short video to illustrate, but the page won't let me do it.


Any smart geeks got any ideas?


Thanks in advance!



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