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Toshiba Encore Mini Impressions


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My Toshiba Encore Mini WT7-C16MS


This is not a review but rather some of my impressions of my Toshiba Encore Mini WT7-C16MS that I purchased last September 2014 at the Indianapolis Microsoft Store



·         After spending 5 months working/playing with my Encore Mini -- I like it!

·         This is a great Low Cost Windows tablet 

·         This has been a great Tablet for me because it Forced me to learn how to effectively push as much as possible out to OneDrive and the Micro SDXC – I really needed to be aggressive about this

·         I had no problem with the typewriter on the screen but for big documents and long emails the HP K4000 Bluetooth Keyboard has been a great tool to have and a big time saver for me


What I didn’t like

  • My biggest negative was not having a USB Charging brick included with the device – the instructions actually said to plug it into a USB Port on a PC!  This was a big fail in my opinion!
    • I found an Insignia 12W/2.4A USB Brick Charger at Best Buy that works real well
    • Yoda provided a link in the Surface-Geeks forums for the Duel USB 4 AMP AT&T Charger he uses – I picked up one of those too and used it when we travel
  • Screen resolution may be lower than other Windows Tablets – the 1024x600 often cited isn’t the 768x1280 I see or what is listed in the specs at the MicroSoft store for the Encore Mini
  • Really need more HDD space and maybe more RAM if I was going to use this much in a business environment
  • Sometimes the Wifi will quit randomly and I would need to do a restart


What I like

·         When I loaded my MicroSoft account all of my information moved over to the Tablet – especially useful were things like WiFi Access codes for various places I go to – all of that was taken care of!!

·         A 64GB Toshiba MicroSD SDXC was on sale at NewEgg so I picked it up for my Mini – great to store Media for trips or to share with my grandson

·         I bought a StarTech USB Y Cable and a StarTech USB Gender Changer recommended by Yoda in the Surface Geeks Forums and they worked great!

·         I also picked up an OTG Adapter that also works great

·         I attached a USB hub and then attached a USB stick, USB keyboard, and a USB mouse – looked silly but it all worked

·          I’m finding a lot of success working on tablet as much as possible in the RT interface (or Modern Apps interface) and spend very little time on the desktop

·         I’ve used this to Remote Desktop into my Servers such as my HP ProLiant N40L MicroServer “Pegasus” – 

·         I’ve used the desktop IE to get into iLO4 & Remote Console for HP ProLiant Gen8 Machine’s – this is pretty cool 

·         I’ve used this successfully with Amazon Prime Movies and Shows – YouTube shows -- Streaming ESPN & TV Shows – just used it recently to watch the latest episode of Walking Dead – the shows looked great and the sound over the ear phones was great in my opinion

·         Play media from the MicroSD as well as from my home network

·         Using the StarTech USB Y cable and USB Gender Changer I attached a 1TB disk containing Media while on vacation

·         Works great with HP K4000 Bluetooth Keyboard (like my reconditioned one shown) and MicroSoft Bluetooth mouse – a big time saver when doing a lot of typing

·         I thought the Bamboo pen worked well with this and my other touch devices




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I received a question shortly after posting my Video “My Toshiba Encore Mini WT7-C16MS” that asked: “Will the USB Y adapter work with a powered USB hub and a lot of USB devices? Maybe keyboard, mouse, and external hard drive?”  I realized that I had never tested the powered USB hub with all of those additional devices attached and wondered myself would or how could it work.  I answer that question in this Video.  Yes a USB powered hub will work with all of those attachments if the USB Y adaptor is also powered.  I think a better way would be to go with a Bluetooth Keyboard and Bluetooth Mouse and attach the external hard drive to the USB Y adaptor and skip the powered USB Hub.



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