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Windows 10 Universal Apps (Photos, Word, Excel)


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So far I am really impressed with Photos.  It is super fast at indexing and showing my images that are on my OneDrive so I really don't need to keep a local copy.  Really looking forward to seeing this as new iterations show up.  Word and Excel have a very similar feel to the touch versions on iOS and Android.  I am sure they will start to add some Windows features etc.  


I am not sold that Universal apps are a big deal to many third party devs, but Microsoft will use this.  Can't wait for the new Outlook apps! 

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When I was looking for a new laptop last year (for school) I was just about converted to mac but didn't want to trust the bootcamp utility and it's reported driver issues for many of the IDE's I would need to run.   The more I have looked into it, the less of an issue it seems to be and the more I am likely to choose Mac the next time I update in a few years.   


Furthermore, I am thinking of moving to IPhone from Android.  That is probably a year off as well but I haven't had an IPhone as a daily driver and figure, 'why the hell not', especially if Apple pushes the envelope with continuity.  I use Push Bullet so I already see a lot of the benefits of continuity that Apple users see but I see continuity providing greater benefit down the road.  


Maybe I will hate myself a little when I make the switch, I don't know, but I like to change things up and 'why the hell not?'

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