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Roku XDS $79.99


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Roksbox seems interesting, but also a lot of work.

The big problem with it is the file formats supports, which is actually a limitation of Roku. The Roksbox is able to see a folder of files and present them in a nice UI. Also, if there's a jpg file named the same as the movie file, it'll use the jpg as the album art for the movie. This was the main thing I wanted.


I have children, who like the kids shows and can't read yet. I've converted all of the children's DVDs to single episode M4V files (for iPod Touch compatability). So a DVD that has 4 episodes turns into 4 M4V files. right now there's over 1000 of them.


I used VLC media player to grab a unique screenshot of each show and it automatically named it the correct name so it'll show up as album art.


This is a lot of work, but for me it was an added benefit. I already had the M4V files because I needed them for the iPod. So if I could just get them to stream to a $100 device, it'd be great.


I still haven't found a way to stream my DVD ISO files to my roku, hopefully with cover art.

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Wow. Good use of a sub $100 box. Going to repurpose an HP Media PC for a Win7 WMC PC to

see if it useful. Then consider building a new smaller form factor setup.

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