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Windows 10 Technical Preview - The Phones It Works With And How To Get It


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Windows 10 Technical Preview is out for Windows Phone but it's limited in scope this early.  Meaning only on these Lumia phones:


630 - Amazon $110 - International Version, 3G

635 - Amazon $49.84 - AT&T

635 - Amazon $79.84 - TMobile

636 - NewEgg $152.99 - International Version Unlocked

730 - Dual Sim Selfie Phone

830 - Amazon $306.98 - GSM International Version


In the States the sweet spot is the AT&T and T-Mobile version.  Especially if you are purchasing a handset just to play with.



If you have one of these phones you can download the Insider App from the Windows App Store or use this link.  The Windows Insider application provides registered Insiders the ability to receive pre-release OS updates on their phone, directly from Microsoft. For more information about registering and becoming a Windows Insider visit http://insider.windows.com.


Sign in with your Microsoft ID and choose a track.  Fast or Slow. 


I installed it on my T-Mobile 635 and have just started using it.  If you have it installed drop a post in this thread with what handset you are using and if you had any troubles.  Let's leave this thread for questions on the phones and install.




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I think they are coming. The question is, will they be more middle of the road type handsets or will they truly shoot for a flagship device?  Then, what carrier will it work with?  It would be nice if they would do the "Nexus" move and offer a worldphone with every radio in it.  I would be first in line to get one.

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I imagine a new flagship coming with w10 launch but not until then.  Up to that point, it will probably just be a bunch of lame, low end devices that do not satisfy the wants of the enthusiast crowd.   Also, the more W10 removes the Windows Phone unique features, the more it becomes similar to Android and the less value it has to switch from Android (or IOS) considering it has no app support.   



Windows Phone is dead.  

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I am not as down as Common is on this one.......


I still think there is a huge market in the enterprise for WP.  Numbers today in Europe show this.  For the first time since Windows Mobile days I have started to see 830s given out as customer phones at banks and government offices in NYC as these places will not touch Android with a ten foot pole.  I had mail that I need to access from a client all of a sudden stop working this morning on my S5.  Another IT firm they work with changed the policy to iOS, WP, or Blackberry.  


Microsoft needs to sell this.  The issue is not UI, it is experience and being pushed by the right people.  Microsoft needs to let everyone of their enterprise customers (which they dominate the in that market) know that WP is for them.  We all want high ends which are great, but phones like the 830 could be huge here.  That $300 price point with no contract for places that give out devices to employees.  


If nothing else Windows 10 gives them a new chance to market the brand.  

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