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Voip And Browser Choices


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OK. Couple of questions here.


Not having any of the problems I see listed so I am happy there. Was told that I would be able to install Linux Ubuntu by the computer tech at Best Buy. Don't shop there anymore. Now a couple of questions.


1.Does anybody know of a VoIP, along the lines of Skype but not Skype, that is available for the RT?  Won't use Skype again after finding someone used that to plant a (don't know better term) "spy bug" in sons computer. It was turning his camera on and off, when on Skype he finds numerous IP's that lead to locations not related to Skype, Microsoft, or anything/place else that makes sense. Unfortunately, in testing, he Skyped me and I had to do a complete format, twice, on my desk computer to get rid of everything. Then, from my Linux laptop I went in, removed all info I could on Skype and totally removed it from there, removed it from my LG G3 phone and the RT. Will never touch Skype again because they said they saw the problems but there was nothing they could do to help find the source or correct the situation.


2. Does anybody know of a way to get Google Chrome for the browser in the RT, or are we stuck with the IE?


Thanks for any assist.



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