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Can you check Device Manager to see what WiFi chip they are using?


Sorry Schoondog, I didn't see your reply till last night. Unfortunately that was already to late, as I packed up and shipped off the tablet that morning.


With the Surface 3 announcement today, I may be getting one of those instead of the 8 inch Encore 2 Write (unless you can give this Mac user a good excuse to get both. No really, I'd love to get both, but I'd need a really good reason to convince the wife.)


Anyone been able to confirm to deny the issue I was having, on their 8 Inch? I'd really like the smaller guy for note taking, plus I'm REALLY impatient right now and am already missing OneNote with a stylus. (I SUCKS ON IPAD SO MUCH)


Thanks guys!

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Hello everybody 


is there an adapter to charge the device and use a USB accessory at the same time ?

The StarTech is what my son (8" Toshiba 2) & I (7" Toshiba Mini & 7" Stream 7) use (got the idea from Yoda -- Thanks Yoda!):



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Would you be able to confirm that this isn't (or maybe is?) an issue on the 8 inch version please?


Kyran, thanks for your kind words about my review. 


My apologies for taking so long to respond. I've been too busy for my own good. In light of what you wrote tonight, I ran two tests from speedtest.net with the Toshiba Encore 2 Write, first connected to a Bluetooth keyboard and the second time with the keyboard turned off. 


I saw no differences. In both cases I got about 21 down and 2 up (which is not great, but it's average for what I've been getting lately on my home network on all my devices). Moreover, on the times when I've used the Encore 2 Write with a Bluetooth Keyboard (I usually use one of the folding iWerkz keyboards with it), I've not noticed any slowdowns in wifi. 


Sorry I can't give you anything definitive. Perhaps either your tablet is defective or there's some kind of configuration that has caused the problem. Let me know if I can help further. 

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