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I Need To Get Out Of My Wireless Contract

Rod at home

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This is somewhat off topic, but certainly relevant. At the end of June 2014 I and some others were laid off of work, due to continuing budget cuts. I've been looking for other work like mad and have likely put in more than 300 applications since that time and I've lost count of the number of interviews I've had. But so far I've not been hired. We've been living on unemployment, but since unemployment is not a living wage we've had to also use our savings. Well yesterday I got the very bad news that my unemployment has run out. Since our savings is now seriously depleted, we will lose our home, cars and everything very soon. (It's sad really, we're 6 years away from owning our home free and clear.) Clearly, having a cell phone contract is no longer important. Our 2 year contract with Verizon expires sometime this summer, I think August or so. Now, I've heard that it's possible to sell one's contract somewhere on line; but I don't know where that is or how we're supposed to do it. So let me put it to you, how do I sell my Verizon contract online?


Time literally is of the essence. I need to hear this week so I can get this going. Please people, if you know the answer to my question or you know someone who knows, please let me know ASAP.


Thank you in advance.

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Geez man, I would say that sucks but it isn't remotely a strong enough phrase.  I am the only earner in my family of six and live in very literal fear of this every day (I make very little money too, not like I am a 6 figure earner or even close).  We have little to no savings either unfortunately so I wouldn't even have a month before I was in your boat.


I actually bought my last phone (OnePlus One) outright just in case I run into something like this, (same with my wifes 925); and is partially why I am on T-Mobile so I can cancel anytime without penalty.  


I wish I had an idea, any idea, but I am stumped.  I can only wish you the best.  

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So sorry for the situation you are in. I pray you will find a way through this without losing your house or much more negative developments. God Bless.


Sorry but I don't know anything about selling your contract but if I hear I will let you know.

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Hi Rod,


My first step in a situation like this is to look at the cell phone plan and see if we can reduce the cost as much as possible.   How many phones do you have?  Verizon's cheapest plan starts at a base rate of $5 for 700 minutes and unlimited text with a $20 access fee for each basic phone.  So if you had two basic phones, it would be $45, three basic phones would be $65.  If you don't have basic phones, a smart Verizon rep should be able to stick a dummy basic phone on your account.  Obviously the dummy phone doesn't actually exist so you would be paying for service that you are not using, but you are paying a much cheaper rate.


Step two is to talk to Verizon and find out exactly how much it will cost to cancel service.  The ETFs go down over time.


Third, talk to customer service and see if they can work something out. Best case scenario they will understand your situation and let you out of your contract.  You could offer to mail your phones back into them if that helps the negotiation. They may also be able to suspend service without billing.  Each month you do that, you extend your contract by one month, but it could be a good half step while you wait for option 4 to pan out.


Fourth, find someone to do a Transfer of Liability with.  I think this is what you were asking about in the beginning.  This process sounds harder than it is.  Each party just needs to call customer service and you authorize another person to take over billing responsibility for your account and the other person authorizes that they accept the billing responsibility.  Once you get a hold of a customer service rep, the process should happen in less than 30 minutes.  The phones, the service, and everything about your contract stays the same and stays active the whole time and you walk away without a bill and the other person walks away with active phones.  If it was me, I would try to do this on Craigslist, so I can meet in person, but you can also try Ebay, https://www.celltradeusa.com, http://www.cellswapper.com,or http://www.cellplandepot.com/swap_contract.php. I can't vouch for any of these sites, but I have heard of people doing it.



Fifth, What phones do you have?  The value of selling your phones (ie. Craigslist) may be enough to pay off your contract. (Seriously, what do you have? My brother needs a phone.)


This article discusses some of the same things I just said. http://www.cnet.com/how-to/8-tips-for-ditching-your-cell-phone-contract-early/


If you want to talk further, PM me here or on Twitter @kylejwx.  I will also be working at Best Buy this evening. If you want a full account analysis, you can call my store at 317-845-9164 and I can look up your account.



I hope that helps and I hope you find a job and can get things turned around.

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Great information here kylejwx! Just so that I can plan on calling you, what time zone are you in?


We have two Lumia 928 phones. Those are the only smart phones we have. We've got 2 really old (4+ years) feature phones and one more feature phone which is about a year old that we got a Walmart. Probably that third feature phone is on a 2 year contract.

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