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All In One Printer For Windows 8.1 Rt


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I just got a Surface 2 running Windows 8.1 RT.  I am looking for a all in one , printer, scanner copier that will run on the 8.1 RT.  Has any found a product that will work?  The windows compatibility site isn't very helpful.   Thanks

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I would be very happy with an color  inkjet.  But I would like to be able to scan and copy also so I don't have to have three different devices. 

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Printing seems fine with RT, but scanning is an issue. RT has issues with USB scanners. I think HP has a RT scanning app for networked printer/scanners.

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I just tested my Surface RT. I have an old HP CM2320nf MFP. It is a network color laser MF printer. From my Surface I can print to it and scan from it, even from the document feeder. I think it works because it access the printer/scanner over the network, not USB.

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I've got a canon mg6220 (I think) that one prints from my surface rt over wifi... Never tried scanning over network to the RT. The printer can scan to USB also so I usually use that. Canon's desktop scanning application is pretty awful.

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Thanks to everyone for their insight and advice.  I took my Surface to Best Buys, captured a blue shirted geek and went around  trying to print and scan on all their units.  Found a HP Envy 4500 all in one and it works.  To be safe though I have used the usb connection solely for scanning.  Everything seems just fine and I got the unit for $69.


Thanks again everyone.

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      I just spent a chunk of time trying to get my Canon MP560 printer to connect to my Surface RT. This printer is connected to a wireless router.
      there is a post in the Microsoft community titled geting a homegroup shared printer to work with surface.  There was one step missing that I finally found and was able to get it to work.
      The procedure that finally worked is as follows:
      Connect my laptop to the same wireless network
      -set this network as my HOME network for the laptop
      -set the printer as the default printer for this laptop
      -enable sharing for this printer - give it a simple name (canon)
      -enable home group - note the home group password
      -connect surface RT to home group
      -under settings - advanced printer settings
      -even if it finds the printer, select the "The printer that I want isn't listed"
      -select 4th option "Add local printer manually
      -select create port. local port, next
      -enter \\NAME_of_Shared_laptop\Name-of-printer
      -click ok
      -It should pop up with a list of printers that are in the RT library and install the drivers
      -select the model, in my case CanonMP560
      This is where the instructions on that forum ended. 
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      -in the Surface Device and printers, right click on the printer and go to properties
      -go to Ports
      -make sure the Local Port is checked on which you connected the printer
      There was also an app for Canon printers in the windows store that I loaded
      It works now, I can print from my surface RT to my Canon MP560 wirelessly
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      I would like to use the camera to take a picture of a meeting agenda and import the image or a pdf into one note 
      I found a couple of apps, but either the lighting is bad. Or the camera quality is so poor, I can't take a picture of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and read the text on it.
      Any suggestions on apps, camera settings, or how I can do this in one note.
      I generally use the "metro" version of RT though I recognize the desktop version does have additional capabilities (pen input )
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